Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September for the Payne's

Remember when September used to have 30 or so days in it? Or when the days had at least 20 hours in it? Ah yes, those were the days! This past month flew by as many of them do and I just have to ask, whose idea was it to throw Soccer Season in with the harvest??? So, here it is. We played 25 soccer games, had 15 practices, coached one child's team, canned 50 odd quarts of peaches, 20 something pints of salsa, slaved for one Primary Program, and had one trip to Bear Lake. And that's a wrap.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

why I don't need Edward

As I was driving home from the Twilight preview thursday night, basking in glow of Edward Cullin, I realized, there was no need to feel empty and restless just because the movie was over! I had no reason to feel an overwhelming gulf as my car took me further and further from the theater! I didn't need to go get in line for the 12:00 showing just so I could see his face again! I had my own vampire waiting for me at home! Yes, I'm talking about my pale faced, hunk of burning love, Jason. Plus, all the perks! IE: I don't have to worry about him wanting to drink my blood every time he smells that particular fragrance coming just from me, and he and I will age together, no sweat!, when I want to snuggle with him, I don't have to wrap a blanket around myself just to keep warm! And don't forget, there's no fear of him crushing me to death when he feels like giving me a hug. I have it way better with Jason! And I doubt that Edward has the flexing of the buttocks skills that Jason has (shown above) I could go on and on about all of his great qualities but I wouldn't want anyone to feel shorted. Especially you Bella.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Haute Couture

So, last night Jason had this executive board dinner thing, which for me is merely an excuse to wear something cute and eat something I didn't have to make. I thought my outfit was pretty hot/haute, though I didn't have much time. As we were rushing out the door, Peyton came up to me and said " Mom, I love your outfit! Are you a pirate?!" Hmm. I tried not to dwell on that comment since there was seriously no time to change anyway and we went on with our night. When we got back Paisley came to give me a hug and said " Oooh, I love your vest! why are you a pirate?" Two separate comments in one night was really too much to ignore! I went to bed feeling a little like a pirate. And in the words of a favorite comedian, Jerry Seinfield, "I don't want to be a pirate!"

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things I'm not ready for

It's been a busy, crazy summer full of things I really never thought would happen. Like my twenty year homecoming at good o'l Spanish Fork High, and my oldest child in sixth grade, (sixth grade!), and my baby going off to preschool. I turned around and twenty years flew by! The next thing I knew I came in to find out what my kids were cracking up about only to find them perusing our yearbooks! I used to be cool. I mean, not as cool as Jason-mullet-peck-Payne cool, but who is?

So, when are you ready for your son to mercilessly mock you about being nearly 40? Or attend your high school drill team reunion and find yourself with the "older" 80's crowd where they teach you a military dance because your not flexible enough for the hip-hop the 2000's are doing?

I had a blast from the past kind of a weekend during SFHS homecoming. Our class did an assembly where we showed them what living in the 80's was really like! Then our drill team put on the half-time show for the football game. It was almost like being back in high school, except this time Angie and I didn't try to sneak out of the block after half time to get ready for the Palace, and I actually watched the game sitting next to a big stud from our high school (alot of you know him as Jason). Good times.

Friday, June 13, 2008

yep, more of the DR

We went on a little excursion with the dune buggys, these are the before and afters. there was some mud.

be glad this isn't a power point presentation

our friends bought a membership at this exclusive resort and invited us to stay the last few days we were there. this is the 6 bedroom villa and our personal chef. also the vip beach with the sushi bar. oh, and this is our friend Steve, or as we fondly refer to him, Esteve, our golf cart driver that came with the villa

Republica de Dominica or my new home

We just returned from a paradise vacation in the DR. Wow. I really loved it there! We've decided that all-inclusive is definitely the way to go. ( especially if you're looking to gain around 6 pounds) One hour massages for 25$, yep one every day. Cabana boys at your disposal for your every pina colada need. Step out from your room into the beautiful, warm, clear water for the best snorkling we've found. What's not to love?